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Why can’t I upload the Invoice to receive payment from WQA?

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I tried to upload the Invoice but despite my best efforts I could not succeed in uploading the Invoice. Please resove the issue ASAP.

Jai Bhagwan Gupta

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One Response to “Why can’t I upload the Invoice to receive payment from WQA?”

  1. ASHOK GOYAL says:

    @JB GUPTA, I have checked your account and found that your Cash Buck accumulations have not crossed the threshold limit of Rs.1000 and you name has not yet been announced in Payment Details. Check your Scores in Payment Details and lodge the invoice only if your name gets announced in the monthly payments. We have automatized system to announce the names of the members who are eligible to receive payments. However in case you have not been allotted any score for your articles and contributions then feel free to raise the issue by submitting the URL of the article which has not been allotted any score or cash bucks.

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