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Frustrated with a Shouting Boss?

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Frustrated with a Shouting Boss?
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Shouting has always been a part of human communication, for better or worse. People shout to prevail over others, to be heard when it fails quiet conversation, to provoke a confrontation or to satisfy their own egos. A few cultures have more tolerance for this in the workplace which usually means that the boss shouts at employees of lower rank. In today’s world, people tend to worry when there is screaming in the place of work.

It is because it degrades the employee, hinders productivity and can become abuse. If your boss shouts at an employee with the rest of the staff present instead of calling to his office or some other place, it is a public embarrassment. Such behavior can rarely achieve anything good and can poison the workplace. Forget whether the person concerned deserved for bad behavior or poor performance. Report the incident to a superior of your boss without delay.

If possible, talk to some of your coworkers and present the report to show team spirit in the group. All employees deserve respectful treatment in the place of work. When a boss shouts in private, you can have a good cause. At the same time, frequent shouts are neither excusable nor tolerable. If something of this nature happens only once in a blue moon, it could not pose a threat of any kind.

At times, employees may do really badly, and can help the shouts of a superior believe a critical point in an employee without thinking. On the other hand, the personal life or the pressures of management, sometimes push a person to anger. This is more difficult to forgive, given the condition of submission of the employees working under him. You may also find it difficult to find out if your boss is crooked or what.

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