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How Can We Teach Online And Earn Money?

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How Can We Teach Online And Earn Money?
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You’ll find many platforms on the internet where you can directly enroll yourself and start teaching online. It will be a quick and easy way to start with. Here is the list of few online teaching platforms which will help to convert your dream comes true.

Bundy school
My private tutor
They are the really good platform to start with. Still, there are few key points you need to focus and will help you to generate the revenue.

Specify your expertise in one domain and build proper online course modules will help you to start quickly.
In the rise of technology, the world makes use all the possible medium to build an informative and interesting course. Among the available popular options like webinars, podcasts, online videos, choose the best one that fits your learners need.
Build engagement with your learners, Clarify their doubts through instant messaging, or even better, set up discussion communities to foster communication among co-learners.
Today’s learners aren’t famous for their patients. They will spend neither time nor energy understanding the intricacies of your e-learning software or application. Make use of some of the best Learning Management Systems to come up with adaptive and easy-to-use courseware.
Publishing your content in third-party online learning marketplace you may not get complete control. But as per experience, I feel that creating your own online teaching platform could also be a great option for your requirement.

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