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How to deal with various Death Claim Cases in India

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How to deal with various Death Claim Cases in India
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It was, in 1985 when the nomination facility was introduced in the banking industry in India. Accounts opened prior to 1985 had no “Nomination Facility” in built in the account opening forms. The legal heirs of account holders who either died before or after 1985 without making nominations are facing difficulties with the banks to get back the money which belonged to their forefathers.

Samadhan Kender provides consultancy services to all those legal heirs, whose forefathers made no nominations, about the latest procedures being followed by different banks. Samadhan Kender also provides their expert services for preparation of error free death claims under single window concept.

Normal banks requires the following steps to be followed while claiming the deceased account holder’s money if the deceased made no nomination and/or will:

  • Photocopy of Death Certificate (Original to be produced for verification)
  • Letter of undertaking from the remaining claimants other than those who signed the disclaimer
  • Letter of Disclaimer
  • Indemnity-cum-Surety by the claimants
  • Other documents are bank specific.

We will enlighten the visitors at Samadhan Kender about the various forms, procedures and rules to get the different type of claims.

  1. Claim Procedures in accounts with or without nomination in Punjab National Bank.
  2. To be continued…….

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