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How to pre plan your post retirement life?

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How to pre plan your post retirement life?
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Since I am also a retiree from a financial institution, I find post retirement life a little sort of wasting of the valuable time in sitting idle, meeting friends and wasting their time and sometimes finding themselves as uninvited persons leading to disappointment. When I talk of some sort of planning before retirement I mean that everybody, from his/her early years, must start to think as to what after retirement. While I take the overview of the whole situation I find people engrossed so much in their job assignment that they remain completely oblivious of their coming life. This is the big blunder which most of the employees or businessmen make.

As regards security from financial angle is considered I find that most of the retiring employees and businessmen feel secured about their future life. Either they are getting sufficient pensions with the help of which they can lead a normal life or they save for the retired life to meet with expenses through Pension Plans. They also get other retirement funds which further supplement their income and enable them more or less a comfortable life.

So far so good. But what beyond this? Is sitting idle a good proposition. Most of you will agree that sitting idle can not be a good situation. All of us know that an idle man’s brain is a devils workshop. In nut shell sitting idle is very nasty situation. It is quite possible that you become a burden despite that you are able to take care because of your financial sufficiency and the atmosphere of your house is disturbed. It is possible that in a bid to reform the people around you may worsen the situation which looked serene and peaceful earlier.

The time to prepare for retirement is before proceeding on retirement. First of all you are required to take care of your funds so that you may get uninterrupted flow which will enable you to lead a care free life and then only you can think of doing something else. Now what else can be thought of? Yes this is the million rupee question. The right time to think of this is not after retirement but before retirement. If you have your kids doing some business than it is a good situation. You can be of immense help to your son/brother etc.You can help in managing their funds, looking to the workforce and similar other things. But if your family is not a business family than you must have made some planning. You could think of giving something back to the society in the shape doing some social service. But for doing social work it is better if you plan to do post graduation in social work while serving through distant education system. A good number of universities are conducting this course and that too with a nominal fee. After the completion of the course you can not only serve your institution well but will be able to pass post retirement life gainfully. Many government departments need services of such trained personnel as project directors. I hope you will find it very interesting. Not only you will serve the society but will be handsomely rewarded.

Another option before you is a master’s degree in psychology that through distant education system.You can also go for a degree in L.L.B. The degree in psychology will give instant employment after the retirement. You will be able to help the persons from that angle You can start your own venture. Not only this you will be able to perform better during your regular before retirement job. Similarly is a degree in Law. This help perform better during job and can be source of your engagement after the retirement.

In the last but not the least what I have to say is that you should be in the lookout of finding some suitable professional course which will certainly help you post retirement and enable you to lead a life full of joy and happiness.

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