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How to Identify if a company is Genuine or Fake – List of few fake companies

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There are many instances wherein a company has offered a job but the candidate,  after a few days gets to the conclusion that the company doesn’t exist or it is a fake company.  While some of these fake companies never roll out the offer letter, others make the candidates work for free or for peanuts for a couple of months and fire the candidate citing reasons like performance/ no projects etc.  Most of these companies have tie-ups with training centers which are a mutual business. The candidate pays a lot of money to undergo the training at the training center which says “100% job guarantee”.  They are guaranteeing you a job at a fake company which pays you peanuts. typically lesser money than what you paid for the training. The balance amount is their profit. Beware of such training centers/ companies. It’s very unfortunate that these things are happening in some engineering colleges too, where the management ties up with a fake company to do on-campus hiring just to show off that there are companies visiting colleges for on-campus drives. The company never sends offer letters to the poor students.

We are seeing a lot of posts and questions from candidates asking us if a particular company is genuine or fake.  You can easily find out by following these

–  Check the “About Us” section of the company. Address and Phone number should be clearly mentioned. The design of the pages should be very professional if it is a real company. If it looks immature and looks like a simple blog with a bad UI, it is suspicious especially if it’s an IT company

– Take a look at the services offered on the website. Make sure that the role for which they hired you, is present in the services. If training and placement is included in services, it is suspicious

– Read the reviews of the work life and salaries of the companies on the internet, you can find them on sites like glassdoor

– Research about the revenue/ profit the company has made in the last few years.

– Check the client’s list if present on the company website. See that it has got some very good reputed clients

– Research about  the number of employees working  in the company

– Try to find if there are employees working for the company via linked-in or other social networks.  If you can find someone through you connections on linked-in, connect to the person and enquire about the company

– If everything listed above appears to be genuine, make a visit to the center and see if the company exists.  If it is, try to talk to an employee and inquire about the company

A short list of fake companies identified is posted by users in the comments section. If you know any other company, post them in the comments section

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