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Know about Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program

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Through this piece of information I will share with you about the intricacies of AdSense Revenue Sharing Program, the subject matter of almost all websites providing writing desks of their own and publishing space of their own to the content writers, authors and the bloggers. Google Adsense revenue sharing program normally works as under on all such sites.

Google is ad advertising company which provides the advertising media in the shape of Google AdWords to the advertisers to promote their business interests, products and services. Adsense is for the publishers who allow their platform, website on which Google Ads could be placed by the advertisers. Google pays a part of revenue earned from the advertisers to the adsense publishers. As Google is one of the top search engine company it keeps searching for good content, good traffic yielding content over the web and co-ordinates among the advertisers to target their ads to good contents on the one side and advise the publishers to improve their content so as to find good earning ads to be displayed on their publishing platforms. This is taken care of by the Google Search Engines who always keep on improving user experience to find the best content. It balance the web experience so that advertiser costs are cut drastically on the one side and good publishers get the major share of earning too. 24x7x365 competition is going on to optimize the results and meet with the expectations of the advertisers and publishers. While Adsense publishers can take part in Google AdWords to increase their circulations but Google AdWords customer may not opt for Adsense as their primary motive is to find customers for their products and services. The Ads by Google are displayed by Google, as per agreement entered between the parent publisher companies and the great Google. When the visitors of any publisher site like our site click on any of such Google Ads appearing on our site, the owner of that content page earns revenue from Google.

After the members register for an AdSense account or existing adsense publishers authorize Google Ads with their publisher-ID code to be displayed on our site, the members will get 100% Adsense Revenue till Adsense API revenue sharing model gets  activated on the site, when we will use your AdSense account to display Advertisements in the pages having your contributed content and Google will pay you 80 to 90% of the Ad revenue from your pages (whereas 10% to 20%) of the revenue will be paid to us by Google as commission). But this revenue sharing model will take time and till then you can enjoy 100% share. It will be our endeavor to provide you our publishing platform with all the facilities including search engine optimization, strictly following the Adsense and Google Terms of Service that none of our members loose revenue due to violation of rules. As ours site is a “No Profit No Loss” site we will even distribute our surplus profits among members in the shape of awards, points and cash for their contributed content which will become a life long asset for them and they will be getting royalty from their work.

To enable the new entrants to participate in this adsense revenue sharing program, the members will have to create an account with Google and wait for approval from Google. We can neither influence nor we are directly involved in this process. We will just work as facilitators and advisors for the members to create AdSense account through dedicated page on this site to apply for Adsense. We will guide our members to improve upon before their applications get submitted to Google Adsense through this site. Generally Google accepts all the applications which meet their eligibility criteria to participate in the program. Caution: If the members provide wrong information or try to cheat the Google then Google may permanently reject and debar you from participating in the program. As such while applying for the Adsense Publisher approval then it is better to wait then to get rejected. Google has so many tools and methods to check the genuineness of the applicant and as you will be getting direct payments from Google direct in your Bank account and Bank account can not be fictitious. Google loves honest and sincere publishers who do not take to short routes to make quick bucks.

Google may reject your adsense approval application and your dream to be eligible to make money through adsense revenue sharing program may get a jolt even before taking off.

Some facts about Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program

Pay per click: The revenue is generated from Google Ads when some one clicks on an Ad. But beware you may loose your account approval if as an adsense publisher Neither self clicking nor motivated clicking is permitted by Google as Google has very advanced systems to track the clicks and the members may get their account disabled within few weeks by Google having noticed any violation of its policies and your money earned will be forfeited or cancelled on your account having been disapproved or disabled.

 Is it free to Join Google AdSense program?

Yes, it is totally free and any individual, blogger or members can apply for Google AdSense registration subject to undergoing through a very strict review process. You need to contribute for few weeks in this site before you can apply for Google AdSense program and to be eligible for Google AdSense, you have to get through the eligibility criteria set by Google.

The author of the article is none other than CEO and Founder of WebQuestionAnswers an existing Google Adsense Expert and is trying to convert this site into Google Adsense Host API Revenue Sharing Site by following the role models of IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages.

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