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Know Your Family Tree – KYFT

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Courtesy Wikipedia Org
You (1) know the name of your biological father and mother and your father (2) and mother (3) will be knowing the names of their respective biological father (4 and 5) and mother (6 and 7). Your maternal and paternal grand father might be knowing the name of their respective father and mother and in the male dominated world society we do not bother much about our maternal grand grand parents and we content with knowing the roots of our grand grand paternal parents and the the family branches going hither and thither with brothers and sisters of your parents, grand parents and grand grand parents in all the directions that is paternal or external, the individual find itself caught in the spider’s web with no start and no end.What is the necessity to know the family tree. It is the curiosity to know our forefathers and ancestors since the start of civilization process from stone age or even before that. As per Hindu scripts now we are passing through the fourth Yug that is Kali Yuga after the completion of Satya Yuga with total span of 17,28,000 human years with average human life of 100000 years, Treta yuga with total span of 12,96,000 human years and each human having average age of 10000 years and then came the Dwapar Yug having total span of 8,64,000 human years and average life span of the human having been reduced to just 1000 years. Present Kali Yuga is said to be of 4,32,000 human years with average life of human at 100 years which may reduce up to 20 years towards the end of the Kali Yuga or Dooms Day, as is being foretasted by self styled astrologers. Now think, where do we have come from?  What is our origin and Who are our ancestors. Why we do not follow our ancestors dating back to Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga or Dawapar Yuga and by the ratio of virtues and sins went on decreasing from 4:0  > 3:1 > 2:2 and finally came down to 1:3 in Kali Yuga.
Preservaton of Records of Family Tree:
In the past the Panda and Purohits of  Hardwar, Kashi, Gaya Ji and religious heads at other center of pilgrimages known from the times of Lord Krishna used to keep Bahi Khata, which may be called as Registrar of births and deaths of that era, which could not be tampered with in any way, acceptable as legal proof of deaths and births. The preservation of such records for thousands of years was a big problem as in natural calamities like Uttrakhand Floods 2013 such records used to get destroyed. But as the Kali Yuga progressed the faith in the old religious systems also got eroded and now such records are likely to be kept digitally on Facebook, Google+ and FamilySearch or Family Tree.
How to Build Your Family Tree
To enable your future generations to enable them to click Know Your Family Tree – KYF, you have to take the following steps:
  1. Ask all your know relatives to build family tree through their Facebook Accounts and the family tree will grow up only after the FB users own their relatives and forefather. The Family Tree is strictly a Private Facebook Application and over a period of time when the family tree grows and its roots get stretched and spread through the time machine, the FB users will be able to contact any relation of their choice with a single click at their latest address.
  2. If you are one of the celebrities like Pt. JawaharLal Nehru, Amitabh Bachchan then your Family Tree may even become public through self autobiographies and works by historians and you may find place in Wikipedia Here.
  3. Facebook and other Social Networks need to strengthen their security system and provide the Green Check Mark () alongside Facebook User’s Name in token of having verified the identity and location of the user through online verifiable sources like UIDAI Number, Social Security Number, Passport Number along with Proof of date of birth being SSLC or Passport clearly depicting the names of father and mother of the FB users.

Imagine the Family Tree, which may consist of very good or even bad people with more and more options available to Facebook Users to disconnect the bad relationships but without disowning the old relationships as there is a lot of difference between legal and social ownership.

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