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Protein is Necessary for our Health

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Protein is Necessary for our Health
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We live in a modern world and we live surrounded by proteins. Even though we live in a world where high-protein diets are very much liked by one and all, there may be a few people who do not consume an adequate amount of the same. The growth of the fitness world has in part made a large part of the population become aware that proteins are not that bad.

There may even be some link between the social consciences that proteins are no longer frowned upon as they were a few years ago. One fitness blogger in a long article about the function of proteins has explained with scientific basis that these are not bad for the kidneys, based, of course on scientific evidence, details as to how they help lose weight or talk about the real risks.

But, at the same time, let us know what is important, that is, the problems that a protein deficiency in the diet can cause.
Fatigue: It is necessary to consume at least 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight as per the recommendations of the world health organization. One of the most obvious signs that protein is lacking in our diet is the presence of chronic fatigue.

As a result, it is more than evident that people who perform intense physical activity need to take a higher amount of protein than inactive people. You want sweet. One of the most essential functions of the protein is to keep the sugar level stable, which means that if you are missing it, your glucose levels are altered, encouraging you to look for a quick contribution in the form of meals.

Loss of muscle proteins are the elements that build our muscle mass, so a deficiency of this macro-nutrient can be fatal to the muscles, and therefore, to our body composition. This is important, for example, in the case of older people, who are likely to lose muscle mass with age, so that their consumption becomes more necessary as time passes by. Here, it is not just a matter of athletes.

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