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Simple ways to help save the bees & butterfly – hplcco

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Simple ways to help save the bees & butterfly – hplcco
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Why Honeybees Are Dying 2017 – hplcco

What you can do in your garden to help bees and butterflies. Bumble bees are one of the most important pollinators of our native plants. Using of chemical products or pesticides and herbicide bees are dying now. Save bees save earth – hplccoSimple ways to help save

the bees & butterfly. They help to save our nature.

1. Avoid chemical products: Don’t try to spray pesticides. Pesticides are a main criminal in Colony Collapse Disorder, and the most ideal approach to help honey bees is to quit showering the stuff!

2. Plant a honey bee well-disposed living space. Pollinators require a place to fertilize, and by giving honey bee cordial plants in your yard.

3. Save the bees and put away the pesticides or chemical: Honey bee hurting pesticides and herbicides are embroiled in honey bee decrease.

4. Provide water: bees and pollinators need water to live. So making a water source is a good way to help bees remain longer in your yard.

5. Plant a mix of bee-friendly seeds and grow plants: the honey Bees need diverse plants for nutriment – from trees, hedges and shrubs, to bulbs, herbs and grasses.
Bring bees and butterflies back to your garden with these helpful tips. Planting for pollinators: help save the bees and butterflies

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