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Stay motivated while preparing for MBA entrance exams

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Stay motivated while preparing for MBA entrance exams
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First things first, you choose to go through the ordeal of getting into top MBA colleges in India through because that is the career option you want. One way to stay motivated during preparing for MBA entrance exam is by looking at the MBA job market and the positive trends that it is experience. The recently concluded summer placement reports of top B-schools including IIM-A, B and C all indicate the hiring of MBA graduates is on the rise and so are the packages being offered. If this trend is not enough to inspire to you give your best for MBA entrance exams, nothing else will.

Love your MBA Prep Books – To clear MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT and others, you will need to study well and your MBA prep books will be your biggest assets. So, instead of merely looking at the books as a tool to merely clearing the exam, start loving them for the source of immense knowledge that they are. Once you realize that they have much more to offer apart from merely helping you crack the MBA entrance exam, you will feel much more inspired to pick them up regularly. And best of all, you won’t even feel burdened by them.

Keep your ambitions in check – While being hopeful of getting through the best MBA College and landing a good placement package during campus interviews might be on your bucket list, you must also realize that not everyone is lucky enough get them. So, it is always better to keep your ambitions in check be it in terms of getting through the IIMs or earning Rs 2 crore packages. Not everyone who sits for MBA entrance exam gets a seat in IIM-A and even all of those who do, do not end up earning handsome salary immediately after completing the course. So, treat MBA also like any other academic programme which you have joined in order to gain knowledge and better yourself. This will reduce the pressure and stress that you feel about the exam and it would be just another test that you are appearing for.

Never Give Up – The journey to top MBA colleges in India is a long and arduous one. During this journey, there will be many instances when you feel like exhausted and giving up this entire affair about MBA. In such times, your will-power and strength to get over this mental block will come into the picture. How badly do you want that MBA degree and everything else that comes along with it? Whenever you feel like giving up the MBA entrance exam test prep, always look at the positive side of the things. Once you adopt a positive approach to look at MBA test prep, the hurdles become easier to cross.

Be focused on your Goal- Many MBA aspirants often pick up the task of preparing for MBA entrance exams only because of peer pressure or the general trend which everyone is following. This is completely wrong. Until and unless you have your eyes set on the ultimate prize and have a deep understanding of how to be there, you will never be able to inspire yourself to go through the hardships. So, always stay focused on the goal which is the MBA degree that will help you build a great career ahead. Staying focused will help you see all other challenges that come across along the way easier to manage.

Treat Yourself to some ‘Me’ Time – Clearing an MBA entrance exam is a tough challenge and with the competition on the rise, it is very easy for one to get lost completely in the preparation. When you have an 18-hour study schedule per day, taking out time for yourself becomes impossible. Many MBA aspirants often end up creating an MBA study schedule which leaves almost no time for their daily activities or to focus on their own health. This is very wrong and will leave you exhausted both mentally and physically. So, always take out some time for yourself. Groom yourself well, eat good food and stay healthy. Clearing CAT 2017 at the cost of your health is not worth it. Ask any CAT topper and they would surely tell you that. So, every once in a while, treat yourself to some ‘Me’ time.

Socialize – Ask any MBA aspirant who has prepared for MBA entrance exam and they will tell you that the biggest mistake that they did during the preparation phase was to cut themselves off from the world. MBA preparation can be tough but that doesn’t mean that it should come at the cost of your personal or social life. Your friends are there to help you during such tough times of your life. So, take out some time to socialize. Be it attending a family function or going for a weekend break with friends. Such socializing activities will help take the edge of the pressure you are feeling about the upcoming MBA entrance exam. Once you are back from your socialization session, you will feel more fresh and motivated to take up the MBA test prep more eagerly.

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