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YCN – ultimate choice for authors and publishers to earn money

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YCN – ultimate choice for authors and publishers to earn money
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More and more authors,  publishers and content writers are coming forward to make a livelihood out of authoring articles on topics like technology, social networking, health, finance, taxation, astrology, religion, politics, trends in fashion and beauty, reviews of newly launched electronic gadgets, travel, tourism and entertainment. As the individual authors and content writers have limited resources at their command they always look for better publishing platforms where they can not only earn money but also name and fame. Authors and content writers can submit articles at our site also to share adsense revenue and earn money but we are in take off situation and currently we may not be able to compensate the authors and content writers handsomely but we assure that we work on “No Profit No Loss” basis and any incremental increase in revenue will be distributed equitably among our members, who are our regular contributors. One such platform is Yahoo! Contributor Network, where the authors can make respectable earnings, without making any expenditure on getting published.

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