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How to upload invoice

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How to upload invoice
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Under “Cash Payment announcement for September 2017” My name appears with points 2683 and cash bucks Rs.668 with invoice No. 173 while under “Payment details” my name appears with points 3686 and cash bucks Rs.918 with invoice No. 171. Which is correct and which amount should I claim? When I tried to upload invoice it shows “Sorry, You don’t have enough balance to upload invoice to receive payment or you have to change your payment settings”. Why is it so?
Now please tell me whether I am eligible for any cash out or not? If so, how much?
Also, tell me how to exactly upload the invoice?

3 Responses to “How to upload invoice”

  1. Profile photo of JB GUPTA JB GUPTA says:

    @Rajaraman, The webmaster has personally replied to your problem. I think that the Managing Editor and Webmaster has been able to redress your problem. You can wait for some time and you will be able to upload your Invoice online. You have raised very good forum topic about reconciliation and uploading of invoice. Together we can make this WQA more user-friendly site. I read your beautifully drafted short articles on Health Matters which are worth reading.

    Jai Bhagwan Gupta
    Jago Te Jagao
  2. Hello Rajaraman,

    Actually, None of these both are showing incorrect points, However difference was because this page is showing your points, cash total till 27th sept (announcement date) and view detail page was showing complete payment details till today. that’s why confusion was occured. I apologies for it. I have corrected it now. so when you will check your payment details from announcement details will be shown till announcement details however if you will view it from your profile, which shows total no of earned scrores, then you will be able to view full details of scores without date restriction.

    Regarding Invoice not being able to upload, I am working on that issue. will update you on that next 2-3 working days.

    Thank you for using the site and helping us improve it. Your queries and suggestions are valuable for us.

    Smiley Sharma
    Technical Webmaster
  3. Profile photo of Spiderman Spiderman says:

    @Rajaraman, There was a bug in the systems as the system was allotting double credits in member’s accounts. The bug was noticed and immediately corrected on 01/11/2017. As per standing rules of the website the member becomes eligible for Cash bucks after there is a credit of minimum 1000 bucks. Please wait for the same. As regards reconciliation bug under Cash Payment and Payment Details, the case has been referred to the honorary technical webmaster Ms.Smiley Sharma and it is likely to be fixed soon. Rest assured that you will get the Payment due if any as per WQA rules and regulations.

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