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Good AdSense News for Members of Web Question Answers

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Good AdSense News for Members of Web Question Answers
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Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform all our members that the great Google had released Matched Content feature for few selected AdSense publishers only (and not for all publishers). Further, the matching content ads are compatible with the web version, tablet version and mobile version of the site. With continuous and sustained efforts of our members, Web Question Answers [] has been selected as qualified Google AdSense Publisher who can display the Matched Content Widget – Powered by Google on any blog or website.

Features of Matched Content Widget:

  • It is powered by Google.
  • Google and Google will select the related posts links from our site based on content, user preferences and matching keywords.
  • Webmasters, Site Owners or Authors will have no control to decide or choose their preferred article links to be displayed in the matching content ad units.
  • There is no limit on the number of matched content ad units (or widgets) which can be placed on any website or blog.
  • Matched Content Ad Units are over and above the 3 AdSense Units per page and there is no limit on such widgets to promote contents on

Benefits of Matched Content to Members:

As can be seen from the Screen Shot, taken right now before the announcement of this feature available for the members of WQA, it displays the following items:

A) At the TOP left side, shown with red arrow sign and market (A), one of the articles with title CIBIL Problem? Poor Score?  authored by one of our members gets displayed in the Matched Content Widget. Your unique article written on WQA not only earns you Cash Bucks from WQA but it will also get promoted by Google. It is a golden opportunity for the members of WQA to showcase their content article on any topic of their choice.

B) At the Middle left side, shown with red arrow sign and market (B),  Article with the title – 3 Natural Remedies for Cold written by our esteemed author Mr.Rajaraman K is selected by Google for display in s Matched Content powered by Google.

C) At the Bottom of Left Side Widget, shown with red arrow sign and market (C), the Google has selected the Member Profile of one of our senior members. As your profile at WQA is being shown by Google as an advertisement, Please keep your Member Profile in Good Health. As a sample, the members can view My Profile on WQA.

Responsibilities of Members:

With the approval of Google to show matched content on WQA, the responsibilities of not only webmasters but also that of editors, moderators, authors and members have increased manifold to enjoy the Google Approval for an infinite period. Following responsibilities have been thrust upon the members to ensure that WQA does not get disapproved for showing matched content:

  • Immediately on joining WQA, complete the profile by adding 1) Real Profile Photo which will also help you to get acclaimed as Google Verified Author  2. Public Information 3) Profile Information (visible to site admins only) 4) Social Information to auto-share your own content to social networks 5) Brief Profile (visible to members only) 6. Forum Signatures – a rare functionality provided by any website admin to promote one of your blog, website or content within policy guidelines of WQA  7) AdSense Settings – where existing AdSense Publishers can associate their AdSense Publisher ID with WQA to get 100% AdSense Revenue Share on their content at WQA. Remember, Good and Real Profile are liked by Google Search Engines.
  • Revisit all your articles at WQA and update any obsolete information as even obsolete content may get displayed in the matched content widget and it will not be in good taste for the visitors and readers – who may reject your articles for poor quality.
  • Keep writing at least one article per week.
  • Take Part in Ask Questions, Write Answers, Write Reviews and Comparative Reviews, Post Jobs and healthy Forum Discussions to keep WQA in high esteem in the eyes of Google.

Responsibilities of Editors, Moderators, and Webmasters:

With the approval of Google to show matched content on WQA, the following responsibilities of not only webmasters but also that of editors and moderators have increased manifold to maintain WQA in good health:

  • Review all articles, images, and resources on WQA. Delete the poor quality of articles and images immediately.
  • Grammar Check of all articles as the incomplete and wrong sentence without proper articles and punctuations are rejected by Google.
  • Delete all Spam Profiles on WQA immediately. Spammers need to be blocked for a minimum period of 6 months as the penalty to submit content at WQA.
  • Report any unwanted activity at WQA directly to webmasters along with screenshots. Even Members can directly PM the webmasters for their immediate attention.

Ashok Goyal,
Consult me for CIBIL Problems


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