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Minimum Balance, Maximum Banking

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Minimum Balance, Maximum Banking
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Kashish – issued a cheque from his saving bank account which he thought had enough balance.When his cheque was dishonored due to insufficient Funds, he checked the statement and found that the bank had debited charges several times for lack of minimum balance.

Vaishali, Worked for a Private company and had a salary account with a private bank.Two years Later, she changed her job but forgot to close her salary account.After a long Period of time, She deposited a cheque and was surprised to find that the bank had debited her account more than once for not having Minimum balance.

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  1. Profile photo of Spiderman Spiderman says:

    @Kashish_Sindhi, You have chosen the right topic at the right time. Many Bank customers will be caught unaware of changes in charges for keeping Minimum Balances in idle Bank accounts, where someone has discussed this topic very widely.

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