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501st Post – Celebrations – Mission Statement

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Today I am very happy when I am writing my 501st  post on my blog page. It is time to celebrate.  I started blogging at Web Question Answers on 24-07-2012 after I had to discard earlier three blogs at 1) Money Multiplier India 2) Utility Epayments 3) Employment News India with Facebook ID as EmploymentChannel within a short span of one month when these blogs were launched in a hurry with no  prior knowledge – without knowing even ABC of internet world and social networking and its amazing world. I even did not know that blog is short name for web-log .When I attained a bit of  confidence, I started blogging at Web Question Answers with the sole aim of presenting something which is useful to  the civilized society and public in general. On Left side Corner is our approved Logo and on the Right Side Corner is our Mission, towards which we are moving forward slowly and steadily.

All Credit goes to Google Team for achieving the 101st POST milestone. I am thankful to Google Team, Maps, Drive, YouTube and Google applications along with Blogger Team, who stood by me and on every feedback they made my work easy and provided solutions to the problems, I faced, even the very small problems.Every time when Google provided solutions to my problems and customized my POSTS on my blog ,my joy new no bounds. I used to leave my work while going to bed at night and when I restarted the work next morning the problem vanished – all the credit to Google Feedback solution customizing. Now I have come to know why Google is GREAT name in internet world and social networking.
During my journey of few days I came across one blog bloggingwithoutablog. It is an unique and classical blog, I have ever encountered. When  I  read  this  blog, I got  hypnotized  and  know  I  am  going  to introduce  you with Lady Barbara, the author of the Blog and her long journey to make her blog as one of the Most Featured Blogs in the world. One thing I forgot to admit and confess regarding a lot of advertisements and photo images have been placed on the blog. There is no motive to earn even a Single Pie, even if at all, I earn , the total 100% revenue will go to CHARITY. Ads and photo images have been placed to make the blog content attractive .I know that upload time of images is more and sometimes up time for blog to upload may be causing an  irritation, yet believe me, inside the Posts, readers will find Very Useful Content/information.
MISSION : I am dreaming of providing a blog content as Classical as that of Madam Barbara and as technical, any technocrat can think of, and as informative as any public person can imagine. It may be difficult but I am sure that it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Our younger generation is busy with Facebook, and other mobile applications but most of the younger generation does not know the strength of self fixed GOALS. If I get support of some younger technical personnel, which I am deprived of, I can accomplish the One year’s task in One month, One month’s task in one week, one week’s task in one day and i day’s work in one hour without caring for the hurdles.
In our 101th Post we had launched  Customer Speaks – Online Complaint and Suggestion Hub India.We have started with a good theme and with the contributions  from my READERS/SUBSCRIBERS, I am sure this BLOG will develop into a District./State/National level hub with social workers working day and night for providing solutions to the needy grieved public without any cost. Please Care to Share this Post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.
Ashok Goyal
CEO Founder Author, Web Question Answers.
LATEST UPDATE 19 th Dec,2013: With your continued support we have grown to a Global Adsense Revenue Sharing Site where members can register their own Profile with an exclusive sub domain name and earn money online through Adsense Revenue Share and Earning through Points, Cash and Rewards on our site.

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