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What we should do in case of Spine injury?

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One of my relatives accidently suffered a spinal cord injury when a very heavy metal object fell on his back very near to his neck thereby instantly making his lower part of his body almost dead/motionless/senseless/incapacitated as a result of which he is not able to stand/sit or walk independently without somebody’s help. We have taken him to many doctors/hospitals dealing with such injuries but even after 2 years and taking huge medicines his position remain the same. We want to know following things:

  1. Is there any doctor/hospital available in this country/abroad taking care of such injuries.
  2. Due to constantly in the prostraight situation he has developed bedsores which are further aggravating the situation.
  3. His movements are very restricted rather he is not able to move at all.
  4. Can this problem be cured if yes at what hospital name of the doctor along with contact number.
  5. The treatment of bedsores and how to avoid them further.
  6. Facilitate his movement to some extent by mechanical means.

Thank you.

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  2. Ashok Goyal says:

    Spinal Injuries are dealt by neurosurgeons and due to advancement in surgical treatment now super specialty doctors can perform endoscopic surgery with least invasive techniques. We suggest you to consult Dr.Ashish Pathak, Principal consultant neurosurgeon at Forties Hospital, Mohali. You can book the appointment with him here online

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