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Do Online Job Websites Really Pay?

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I would say it is a Yes and a No. Some websites do pay, others don’t. This is very much like real life where there are genuine people and there are fraudsters.

However, the ratio of fake to honest people is more online, mainly because most people still believe Online Jobs are like magic sticks that can generate money. And this makes them an easy target. Plus most countries do not have strict cybercrime laws, so these people can easily get away without being punished.

So the Million Dollar question is how can one filter out genuine money making websites from the fake ones? I would say, just remember the following points

If someone asks you money to provide online Jobs, 99.99% he is fake. NEVER EVER PAY ANYONE for online Jobs
If someone promises to pay $1000 per month just by working 2 hours a day. BIG SCAM. They may not ask you to pay, but will never pay for your work.

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