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Email Draft Letter to be sent to Friends for earning Referral Bonus

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(This is the draft email letter which can be sent by the members to their email, facebook, yahoo, linkedin contacts along with their referral link as available on their own profiles at WQA. If any friend or contact joins the WebQuestionAnswers using the referral link then the member will get referral bonus in the shape of scores and cash bucks which can be redeemed in Cash through our Payment Settings. Member can copy and paste the text below as a message in their email to be sent to their contacts in bulk. Referring to friends by this method is the best as automated emails land in the spam boxes and we hate spamming)


If you like to post content online, you may want to try by using the Link at (while forwarding the link to your email contact or facebook contacts via email please do not forget to change YourUserID with your actual user ID) or alternatively you can copy and paste your referral Link from your registered profile.

The most attractive feature of the site is, it is developing a revenue sharing program in association with Google. When you post any content or share your knowledge through various sections like Discussion Forums, 90% of the revenue generated from Google Advertisement in those pages are shared with the authors. Since the revenue sharing program is not yet approved by Google the site owners have allowed the existing adsense publishers to associate their adsense publisher ID at webquestionanswers to earn 100% adsense revenue share directly from Google as per AdSense policies. This is a very reliable program. In addition, this site pays and offers various prizes for posting good content.

If you plan to join this site, please use my user id as the referrer since I will get credit for it. For example I have my user id as : wqaindia  (Members may replace wqaindia with their own user ID at WQA.

Member Name ( e.g.Ashok Goyal)  (Replace wqaindia with your own user ID)

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