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Cannot post a job – Fatal error

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I am unable to post jobs. When I try to open the job posting form it gives the following message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_results() on a non-object in /home1/webquest/public_html/wp-content/themes/Magz_Book/inc/shortcode.php on line 7


3 Responses to “Cannot post a job – Fatal error”

  1. Thank you for the quick reply Mr.Goyal. I will attach a screenshot. For your info – I am using Windows 10 OS and Chrome browser.

    I would appreciate if a reply is posted here as and when this bug is fixed.

    Thank You.

  2. Ashok Goyal says:

    @memrbhat, We have noted your concern and our team is trying to resolve the issue. Can you send the screenshot of the error page through comments?

    Ashok Goyal,
    Consult me for CIBIL Problems

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