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Have you got your complimentary 150 scores?

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Have you got your complimentary 150 scores?
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Newly inducted members are awarded complementary scores on joining the site:

Activity Scores
Joining Formalities 25
Real Photo Upload 35
Associating Social Profile 40
Activating Membership through Email Link 25
Friend activates link with your reference (User ID) 25
Total 150


Members can send the Registration Link to their friends, relatives and contacts who want to earn revenue share from our site but while sending the link do not forget to tell them to activate the registration through activation link to be received in your friend’s/contacts/relative’s email account. During registration your friend must mention your name and user ID so that the your account gets credited with 25 scores and your friend/contact/relative also secures 150 complimentary scores on activating his or her membership.

New year Scheme will remain valid for a period of five years from January 01,2014 or earlier date when the total membership of the site crosses 100000 members.

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Have you got your complimentary 150 scores?

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