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Will AdSense approve my Quiz Website?

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I am building a Quiz Website of my own but I want to know if Google AdSense will approve my website in blogger or wordpress. What will be the average CPM rate of Google in India? Do AdSense counts only unique visitors and if making a quiz website is good idea or not!

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One Response to “Will AdSense approve my Quiz Website?”

  1. ASHOK GOYAL says:

    Yes, quiz website will be suitable for AdSense but now a days AdSense approval is very strict. You need to have top level domain with sufficient related content. In blogger you can have customised domain hosted by blogger owned by google whereas in WordPress you will have to have a self hosted site to be eligible for AdSense.

    CPM or cost per thousand impressions is not very attractive in India. AdSense can yield better revenue only through CPC that is cost per click which is good in India depending on the content.

    The adsense revenue depends on your SEO, keywords and traffic to site and individual quizzes. More the traffic more CPM and more clicks. Turnover is the key to success at AdSense. You can not expect public to click the ad slots at your will but more and more traffic will generate good CPC. On a average you can expect $ 1 per 1000 Pageviews in India. $1 per 1000 page views is time tested technique based on Newton’s Law of Probability or Approximation.

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