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How it makes difference for Content and Technical writers to write at WQA

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Web Question Answers cordially invite Content and Technical Writers to this Global Website to write articles on any topic. It really makes difference to write the articles at WQA as compared to writing articles at other content websites.  Here are some of the immediate benefits of writing content articles at WQA:

  1. WQA makes prompt payments to content and technical writers.
  2. WQA awards immediate Cash Bucks on approval of their articles.
  3. Content and Technical writers can get their own Google Adsense account approved in six months time.
  4. They can enjoy 100% AdSense Revenue share for Lifetime on their content at WQA.
  5. Existing Adsense approved publishers can earn 100% Adsense Revenue share on their content or technical articles.
  6. We promote the established content or technical writers as editors on our website and they can enjoy privileges like promoting their ventures and startups by providing limited external links in their articles.
  7. Moreover members at WQA can earn immediate Cash Bucks through providing Answers to Questions in the “Ask Experts” section, writing Reviews in the Reviews section and also taking part in the forum discussions.
  8. We even allow sharing of Adsense Revenue share in Forum Discussions on rotational basis.
  9. Our Editors like Mr.Kumar will provide the content and technical editors with ideas on daily basis which will bring in news in their interested category such as Finance, Health, Education, Career, Technology etc.
  10. For more information on earning 100% adsense revenue sharing in addition to cash bucks for the original content, not posted elsewhere, the members can see the procedure at AdSense Manager.
  11. Last but not the least we also allow to put genuine self owned external links as Forum Signatures to promote your own websites or blogs.

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