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Now your Favorite WQA comes with Security Lock

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Now your Favorite WQA comes with Security Lock
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See Green PadLock in Address Bar to access Security Certificate

We are pleased to announce that your favorite WQA website now comes with Security Lock as Web Question Answers has decided to implement SSL (Green Security Padlock) on all of its websites so that site users can surf our following main websites without any fear of loss of their Private Information:

  • CIBIL Consultants – Professional Consultancy Website for solving CIBIL Problems of the Public is highly secured platform where you can submit your documents required for getting the CIBIL Report repaired and rectified by professional banking experts and credit consultants.
  • Web Question Answers – WQA website was launched for the public, in general, enabling them to Learn and Earn Online not only through content writing at WQA but through AdSense Revenue Sharing Model implemented on the site as you can associate your AdSense publisher ID.
  • Though at Samadhan Kender we do not ask the visitors to submit any of their Private Details while commenting or contacting us but even then we have implemented SSL on Samadhan Kender too as our long-term policy for not having any website at HTTP.

Stay safe with CIBIL Consultants brought to you by Web Question Answers. Now CIBIL Consultants is expanding its area of operation to all type of Financial Problems being faced by the public while dealing with PSU or Private Sector Banks, Financial Companies, Insurance Companies, Securities Companies offering Demat Services, Public Limited Companies – not listening to their customers during their lifetime and after their death – ignoring the Legal Heirs and Nominees – resulting into – that the hard earned money of the investors living or deceased gets unnecessarily parked with Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) 

To “Tell and Solve Your Financial Problems“, Join the Facebook Group launched jointly by Web Question Answers and CIBIL Consultants so that the Public who is being harassed by Financial Institutions like Banks (PSU or Private), Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, CIBIL Credit Bureaus, Demat Service Providers and others providing Financial Services, can easily contact with Professional Experts to get:

Ashok Goyal,
Consult me for CIBIL Problems


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