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Golden Opportunity – WQA needs Authors and Editors

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Golden Opportunity – WQA needs Authors and Editors
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Golden Opportunity – WQA needs Authors and Editors

If you fulfill the following eligibility criteria, then this Golden Opportunity is for You and only You:

  • If you are a student of BCA, MCA, MSc (IT) or BTech/BE in Computer Science.
  • If you have the passion for writing and you have dreams to become popular through ethical means.
  • If you are Honest, Speaking Truth and have guts to say “NO” to wrong things.
  • If you are not Greedy and do not want to make money in the short-term.
  • If you can build a team of such like-minded students who have a zeal to do something BIG on the Internet.
  • If you have website developing skills along with fair knowledge of earning from advertising skills or through selling space on the websites.
  • If you have knowledge of WordPress and PHP designing.
  • If you can build Trust amongst the whole Team of Passionate students and Freelancers.

Then this Golden Opportunity is waiting for you:

  • WQA will provide Admin Tools to deserving students who can develop and sharpen their skills by working on Web Question Answers.
  • No remuneration will be paid to the students, who join us not only to sharpen their writing, designing and earning skills but to share revenue through collective earnings from WQA.
  • Web Question Answers will be providing everything including Free Hosting, Free SEO, Free Domains and Sub Domains to the participating students or freelancers.
  • WQA will be managed by Team of Editors under the Lead Editor to be selected from amongst the Editors whereas Editors will be selected out of the Team of Students joining us to fulfill their dreams and passions under the guidance of Ashok Goyalwho is investing money into the WQA of his own.
  • Web Question Answers welcomes any suggestions from aspiring candidates and we are open minded to discuss the shortcomings, if any,  pointed out by the candidates as Ashok Goyal the CEO of Web Question Answers is not having any IT Background and WQA has been developed by him as a Hobby just to build a Team of Dedicated Students as above.

Ashok Goyal,
Consult me for CIBIL Problems


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