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Wishing Happy and Prosperous Diwali to all the members and readers.

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Hello Friends, Members and Readers,

Hope all of you are with your parents on this grand festival of lights and might be spending joyous time of 2014 with your family, childhood friends in your Home Town. This new Samvat year 2071 is witnessing a wave of change in India and the citizens of this great country are coming forward to bring about a significant change in outlook, vision and thinking so as to make India once again as Golden Sparrow. Just try to be with your parents on this greatest Festival of Lights. They might be waiting for you to be with them.

On this great occasion I wish all my countrymen and wqaindians a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Let us take pledge to enlighten the May this festival of lights enlighten your hearts with good resolutions and work in the one and only one direction to make India of my Dreams.

Just ponder over the idea that when black night of New Moon’s day or Amavasya Ki Kaali Ratri can be converted into sparkling day light by collective celebration of Diwali by 1500 million strong army of Indian Citizens then why can’t this strong army of 150 crore people of Indian Republic can not get rid of all evils from the country by showing the same solidarity as being shown on the Diwali Night out of free will. Take pledge to convert vision of our clear hearted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have Swachh and Clean India free from all evils so that we feel proud to be Indians.

Once again, a Happy and Prosperous Diwali but do not forget to convert your imaginations into reality.


Ashok Goyal
CEO and Founder Owner,
Web Question Answers.

Ashok Goyal,
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