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WQA Members should follow Posting Guidelines

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WQA Members should follow Posting Guidelines
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It has been noticed that authors and members are submitting articles at Web Question Answers which are copied pasted from other websites or news media. While the members will be personally responsible for violation of any copyright infringement, the administrators of Web Question Answers reserve the right to delete such articles without any notice to the members and/or authors in case they do not follow the below basic requirements:

Complete the Member Profile:

  • In Public Info the members should provide their Real Name.
  • In Profile Info, Please complete the Gender, Date of Birth, Age Group, Anniversary in respect of Married couples, State, Country, City, Zip Code of the Area, Mobile Number with Country Code, Physical Address. (This information will be visible to the members only and will not be visible to Public in General)
  • In Social Profile, the members should provide their numeric or user ID on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Keep it Blank if you are not active on any of the Social Platforms.
  • In Brief Profile, the members should provide about their qualifications, interests, work, and profession so that other members do not unnecessarily try to establish contacts with you.
  • Forum Signatures is an exclusive feature of Web Question Answers which allows the members to promote their Blogs through WQA.
  • In AdSense settings, the members can put their Adsense Publisher ID to earn 100% AdSense Revenue share from their content at Web Question Answers.

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