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Health Tips – Forget Your Age to Look Younger Live Longer

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Health Tips – Forget Your Age to Look Younger Live Longer
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Health Tips - Look Younger Live LongerFeel and think that I can live to be 100 years old. Suppose your are 1963 born then speak it loud that that you will see the year 2063 and feel that you are just 50 years old today. I am sure you will begin to feel young. What are you thinking? Just speak out your age loudly and say that I am just 50 years young.

Imagine that your Body is a sturdy motor car having capability to maintain and rebuild itself. The motor car is made of Proteins, inside and out. Muscles, skin, bones, hair, teeth, eyes, colon, connective tissues, glands and arteries – all contain PROTEINS and are maintained and built with PROTEIN. FATS AND CARBOHYDRATES are body’s petrol and mobil oil – which burn together to produce energy. VITAMINS and MINERALS are spark plugs essential for utilization of food and stimulating the blood stream. In the subsequent posts we will discuss preventive measures based on IDEAL DIET FOR LONG LIFE so as to slow down the AGEING process for which Research Scientists are working round the clock world over. Stay connected with us an recommend the secret of slowing down ageing process among friends. Understanding the concept will make you Look Younger and Live Longer.

5 Responses to “Health Tips – Forget Your Age to Look Younger Live Longer”

  1. Averol says:

    proper diet (External Link removed by Admin) helps a person to live longer.

  2. Averol says:

    Age is just a numbers. You can and should be young by mind.

  3. Shikha PCD says:

    Hi, Thanx Mr blogger to sharing this article with us. (External Link removed by Admin) Protein and Vitamins helps in giving energy in our body. Ideal diet for long life :-).

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