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Health Tips – Vital Organs – Heart

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HeartStructure diagram of the human heart from an anterior view. Blue components indicate de-oxygenated blood pathways (Venous Blood)  and red components indicate oxygenated pathways (Arterial Blood).
HEART is the most dependable and sturdiest organ in our body.Heart disease is Public Enemy No.1 which can be captured by strong will power. Our Heart wants us to Live up to at least One Hundred Years. Listen its calm and quiet inner voice and co-operate with it .It requires Vitamins especially B Vitamins and more particularly Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Thiamine deficient person quickly becomes aware of palpitation or conscious of heart beats. While Vitamin D is essential for absorption of Calcium, Calcium is necessary for relaxing the muscle tissues during heart beat.
Vitamin E is intake is also good for heart as shortness of breath and chest pain disappear after massive doses of Vitamin E for 2-3 days. 100 mg per day of Vitamin E for indefinite period are recommended by the researchers. When cholesterol , a hard wax type substance, gets deposited in arteries due to our eating habits and life style the arteries diameter carrying the blood gets reduced resulting into higher Blood Pressure. When arteries get completely plugged the inflow/outflow of the blood gets stopped leading to attack. Under supply of Vitamin B particularly choline, betaine and inositol in the diets appears to be the offending cause of hardening of the arteries as these three B vitamins help the body in using and transporting fat and cholesterol in the body.We shall be discussing whole Vitamin B family in the later parts of our articles on Look Younger and Live Longer diet plans to suit every individual Thin or Fat, Diets after Surgery, Bollywood/Hollywood Stars to maintain their figure and glamour. Our main focus will be on Diets to maintain healthy living.
DISCLAIMER:  Our articles are in no way alternative to your physicians’ advice. It is an educational effort for preventive health care by food supplements/dietary control.

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