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One Bowl Diet Plan For weight Loss

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One Bowl Diet Plan For weight Loss
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One Bowl Diet Plan – Weight loss in a fast and efficient manner

The Plan :

A One bowl diet plan is a systematic plan to help you lose weight in a fast, efficient manner.

This diet plan is simple and easy to implement. It is not restricted to specific food item’s. It just focuses on the portion size.

The practice will not make your week or cause any deficiency of essential nutrients which are needed for your body on a daily basis as you are not going to change the food you eat daily.

Speak to your doctor if you can practice this plan for your weight loss goal.

Why One Bowl :

Most of the people don’t know when to stop eating. There is no way for the body to indicate when to stop eating even if we consume a little more than required. It is only interested in some energy which will keep it going which it gets by breaking the food for assimilation. It is not at all concerned about the taste. But we eat for pleasure. So I can say this pleasure is the main ingredient in our food which is making us obese. I don’t want you to agree with my theory, but the one bowl diet plan does work!

How To :

First thing first. Get a bowl which is slightly less than your daily food intake at a particular time(Lunch or Dinner). Don’t make it too small to achieve results fast. You may feel hungry and eat more in the next followed meal. Now the very important thing, whenever you eat you have to eat only from your bowl, not from any other cutlery. This way you will be able to fix your portion size. In less than a weeks time your body will adjust to the amount of food. I will suggest taking just 2 meals a day (Lunch and Dinner). There is no restriction on what you eat, but the only condition is whatever you eat goes to your bowl first and then in your stomach. Try to make only one dish at a time to go in your bowl made from cereals, vegetables, pulses, legumes etc. which should be good enough to fulfill your daily intake of nutrients. Learn some one-dish recipes. In less than 15 days you should lose 5-6 kgs. if you follow the plan strictly.

Continue this for 1 month and reduce the bowl size in next month which would be approximately 3/4th of the first bowl. Use it for next 1 month. The third bowl would be approximately half of the first. Use it for next 2 months. By the end of 4th month, you should see the amazing results and I am sure you will get it as you will see the preliminary results in just 15 days which will give a boost to continue!

Results :

There are no guaranteed results for this plan. Whatever results observed/obtained are after testing on myself and some of my family friends and colleagues.

The plan is totally based on the concept of limiting the food amount without disturbing the daily nutrition. If you understand the concept you can design your own plan.

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