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What Is The Need and Importance of Custom Shopify Development?

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What Is The Need and Importance of Custom Shopify Development?
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The internet has brought over way too many solutions to ease our day to day lives. One of it’s biggest boons is eCommerce. Every SME and large scale businesses have started to house their products and services online. This way they can reach to a larger customer base. In general, a strong and effective web presence comes with five major considerations. Visibility, Reach, Customer service, Competition, and Credibility are paramount among those. Moreover, a website is also of great importance as it allows you to build credibility as a business.

In the earlier times, developing a website had been out of reach for many small enterprises. The reason being the cost of hiring web developers, paying for hosting services, and other support charges in it. Nowadays, a no. of eCommerce platforms are available in the marketplace that allows us to develop the online stores with a great ease. Having to mention, Magento, Shopify, WordPress are a few good examples of it.

Shopify being a proven platform for starting with your eCommerce platform is the preferable choice for the merchants/startups to get be selling within a few days. Making some tweaks and customizations on easily available responsive themes can play a vital role in increasing sales and making a promising start with your business.

Why Custom Shopify development?

Most of the times “one size fits all” doesn’t work for every business. And, you need to have your website the way you want it. You set a ‘wishlist’ of the desired features and changes that you like and want the most in your Shopify powered eStore. Hiring a Shopify developer always gives you huge flexibility and choice. User experience enhancements, Design customization or any other website’s functionality alterations are all within your reach.

One of the great things about Shopify is that it is highly customizable. It offers many great templates that can be a used for serving variant needs of B2B or B2C plus B2B business models. A custom Shopify development offers you the following:

  • Customizable Themes
  • Shopify offers templated themes with customizable front-ends via HTML, CSS, Liquid, and JavaScript.
  • Customizing Your Products
  • Showcasing your products in an online store is as important as making them easy to buy, update, remove, or manage to sell across many sales channels.

Shopify allows you to customize your products/services without software getting in your way. You no more need to hire an IT team or gain coding knowledge to do so.

A custom Shopify development offers you multi-channel sales through its native integration. It pushes your individual products or the complete collection to many channels like social media platforms, POS for physical sales, mobile apps, and Buzzfeed. Meta-fields are also a great example of customizing your products, web pages, and other blog posts with Shopify.

Customizing Checkout

A typical abandonment rate of shopping cart varies in between 60% and 80%, with an average of 68%. Thus, It is necessary to lower this rate for the success of eCommerce store. One of the most common reasons for this abandonment lies in your complicated and lengthy checkout process. Shopify allows you to create a custom checkout experience to eliminate such kind of cart abandonment.
Such an ability to customize with Shopify actually allows you to push your business to the limit, where you experience a higher rate of conversions and profits.

Customizing Your Payments

A payment gateway in any eCommerce transaction business always fulfils a vital role. It authorizes the final payment between the customers and merchants. It generally involves a service that process, verify, and accept/decline direct online payment through credit or debit card. And, every online payment needs a special attention in terms of customization. This is due to at least two major reasons: Personalization and Mobile Payments.

Shopify offers:

  • 100+ different payment gateways (location-based), and
  • Shopify Payments (allows payments without third-party setup).

A custom Shopify development benefits you with the Shopify Script Editor. It lets you show, hide, or rename your existing multiple payment methods based on products category or customer’s location.

A custom Shopify development gives you an opportunity to make huge profits by creating custom experiences. Hire Shopify developer to get started today!

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