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Recruiters/Consultants — Post Your Job/Walk-In Requirements – Find Best Talent 
Sub : Post Your Job Requirements for Free at  –  Web Question Answers
Dear HR,
We are writing to you on behalf of a Social Job portal in India– Job Opportunities at Web Question Answers , where all kinds of IT & Non-IT jobs, Walk-Ins are posted regularly. The service is Free both for recruiters and job seekers.
If you have any job requirements of your company / consultancy, we will be glad to post them in our website visited by thousands of job seekers everyday. We feel we can definitely help you to get maximum response and suitable candidates as your job advertisement.
Alternatively whenever you have a requirement, Kindly drop us an email at : .
“Please send all your Job requirements/Walk-Ins through your Company email ID only.”
Note : We post all Job requirements/ Walk-Ins coming from Company mail ID, not from Gmail/ Yahoomail etc., to avoid unauthentic / unreliable information. Please contact us at above email id if you need any further clarifications.
Kind Regards,
Format of Job Posting for sending via mail:
Company Name          :
Company Website     :
Subject                           :
Position                         :
Exp.Required              :
Location                         :
Expiry Date                  :
Job Description          :
Qualification Reqd.   :
Contact Details: [contact name, address, email, phone, etc., (if any)]

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