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Why I can not post articles when I have not violated any rules.

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Today I wanted to post a subjective Product Review on Mobile Power Bank but when I tried my posting rights were found to be restricted. Editors kindly look into and allow me to post articles.

Jai Bhagwan Gupta

Jago Te Jagao

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2 Responses to “Why I can not post articles when I have not violated any rules.”

  1. Profile photo of JB GUPTA JB GUPTA says:

    Thanks for removing the restrictions on posting in articles and resources section.

    Jai Bhagwan Gupta
    Jago Te Jagao
  2. Profile photo of Spiderman Spiderman says:

    @JB-GUPTA, Your posting rights in the article section have been restored. You landed on the restricted access page due to a problem in the system. Thanks for informing us timely.

    As on date we have not restricted any member from posting if the the members follow the Posting Guidelines and do not indulge into spam activity. Spammers IP Addressed will be blocked if repeated violations are made on the site. Please help us to make WQAINDIA, a trustworthy place to tread in without fear.

    Try, Try again till you Fly,
    New Member Guide

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