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How To Conduct Effective A/B Testing on Your BigCommerce eStore?

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How To Conduct Effective A/B Testing on Your BigCommerce eStore?
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A/B testing often called as split testing is a process of comparing two variations of your online activities while experimenting it on your consumers. Such online activities may include anything like a web page, headline, call-to-action, advertisement designs/texts or any other campaign. It is an effective way of measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing and user-experience efforts. It is highly recommended by every BigCommerce development company to get more profits from your investments.

How does it work?

In such testing, you usually create a modified version of your actual web page or app or anything you want to test with a little alteration or complete redesign of it. Then, you simply turn half of your traffic to the original version and others to the modified one.

You can simply conduct a brief comparison of these two versions:

– Analyze the customer engagement difference
– Analyze the conversions
– Consumer’s reviews or time spent difference

Need and Importance

Mapping the value of your every advertising and marketing campaigns is a great challenge. With A/B testing, you can not only store and analyze data but also develop actionable data to enhance user-experience on your web store. Additionally, you can see a clear comparison between two alternate ways of launching any product campaigns etc. Additionally, you can achieve the following:

  • Improved content management

You can see which content is attracting more customers and bringing you higher conversions.

  • Reduced bounce rate
    There are a few chances of failure if you have done A/B testing and are well aware of your consumer’s preferences.
  • Higher values & increased conversions
    In addition to an increased conversion in your web store, this kind of testing benefits you to gain higher values for your products or services.
  • Ease of Analysis
  • Increased sales, and
  • Reduced cart abandonment.
    Hire BigCommerce development agency to explore more benefits associated with it.

How to conduct A/B testing effectively?

Prior to conducting A/B testing, it is of utmost importance to make a clear note of:- what you want to test?Key points to consider include:

Type of Test

There are two ways to conduct A/B testing. It includes:

On-Site Testing
In case, you wish to modify or enhance sales-related aspects of your online business then on-site testing is worth your time.

Off-Site Testing
It includes testing either a sales email or an ad campaign. Testing campaign copy to see which advertisement fetches higher conversions can definitely help you focus your marketing efforts. Once you know the level of conversion of your ad campaign, it becomes easier to justify disbursing more money on it.

Deciding on your test target is essential because once you know your goal of testing, you can make a list of required variable handy throughout the process. It shall help you to get a systematic approach.

Be Patient
Conducting a survey and analyzing it is definitely not an overnight task. You will have to devote a good amount of time to it as it may include a few days or weeks to gain an insight of your web traffic.

Giving a test an inadequate time may lead towards inclined or skewed results. The reason being you will not get a large enough amount of visitors to analyze an accurate data results.

Considering the fact that A/B testing can have a huge impact on your business’ bottom line, it is a worth giving a chance and your valuable time. It is highly recommended to consider two variables for A/B testing. In case you have 3 or more variable, things will go complex and you need to take help of a multi-variate test. This scenario can be better handled by a certified BigCommerce development company or you can hire BigCommerce expert to conduct the same.

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