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How Does BigCommerce Allow You To Grow Online?

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How Does BigCommerce Allow You To Grow Online?
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In a competitive industry, it becomes crucial for online retailers to adopt ways that can help them to grow efficiently. Among so many eCommerce platforms available in the market, BigCommerce preferability is increasing day by day.

As per a research done by Ipsos (global market & option research specialist), BigCommerce retailers grow 28% every year that is nearly 2x the industry average.

Currently, BigCommerce is powering a number of Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 1000 brands that boast of growing sales and improving performance across various channels.

There are so many underlying reasons and advantages of the popularity of this platform. Let’s have a look below on a few of them:


1. Best for Customizations

BigCommerce is a discursive eCommerce platform. It allows online merchants to set up digital platforms as well as offers an ability to customize them as per convenience. Ranging from custom designs to custom admin panel, you can achieve all with few tweaks.
There is no such complex installations or integrations involved in BigCommerce development. In case you need to undergo custom web development, you can achieve that by yourself or you can hire BigCommerce expert for the same.


2. SEO Success Essentials

SEO always plays a vital role in every online store’s success. It involves optimization of your website to make it search engine friendly. It is a part of online marketing that boosts traffic to your business online. Every consumer nowadays relies on search engines to get the best product or service available online. And, if you have optimized your website well, you’ll definitely rank higher in various search results.
BigCommerce web development makes it easy to perform various SEO techniques to your eStore. Below are some essentials strategies for every search engine optimization that you can easily achieve with BigCommerce:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Customizing meta descriptions and product pages
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Complete image descriptions
  • Content pages and blogging

There are many more strategies that can be followed to get SEO success. You can consult any leading BigCommerce development company for more.

3. Versatile App Store

BigCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform that offers you the best selection of versatile apps & integrations for your business growth.
The major attraction of BigCommerce App is Avalara AvaTax account. The online merchants can easily get access to more than 100,000 taxability rules. It helps them to calculate tax at checkout that eventually saves their effort, money, and time. Other major apps for your business growth includes:

  • Marketing & conversion apps to increase sales
  • Shipping Apps
  • ERP integrations (NetSuite, Brightpearl, and Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Accounting Apps
  • CRM software like Salesforce, Zoho and NetSuite

4. Be Omnipresent

BigCommerce allows you to be omnipresent that means you can sell everywhere. It provides you with an easy integration of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Other features include the following:

eBay selling
– It helps you to expand your customer reach and sell more.
Square POS and eCommerce integration,
– You can sync both online & offline business.
Buy now buttons
– You can add to your blog, emails, and other social media posts.
Google Shopping
– It allows you to advertise your products on Google search page directly.

5. Ease to Use & Optimize

Setting up an online store with BigCommerce is quite easy and user-friendly for everyone. It offers a responsive template-based structure which means you need not to manipulate the back-end of your website at all.
Undoubtedly, BigCommerce comes with a number of features that can offer us higher conversions and profits. It offers a wide range of inbuilt apps that allow you to run business more efficiently.

BigCommerce web development also comes with 15-days of free trial with no credit card requirement.

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