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Are you wasting your Writing Power and precious Time for no Money?

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Hidden Secrets of online earnings, no body will like to share:

Have you ever imagined that facebook alone is earning millions of dollars per month through the contents and images being posted by millions and millions of facebook users. What is the hidden secret of monetizing the content posted by users like you and me? If all the users delete their facebook profiles and remove or delete their posts and contents, even then facebook will become the absolute owner of contents and images posted by you on facebook and it will continue earning handsome revenues without any effort through facebook advertising being pushed to you while you are using facebook.

How WQA allows you to monetize your content and posts:

WQA or popularly known as Web Question Answers values your time you spend on the internet. WQA wants that every social network including facebook must make you as your partner in their online earnings through the contents and images posted by you. Social networks will not be doing any favor rather it is your right to have © Copyright to your online content. Big fraud is being played by big players like facebook not only to rob you of your © Copyrighted contents and images but also to earn millions of dollars from the advertisers without sharing it with the original users who created the content and images.

WQA studied the online advertising deeply and in a bid to allow the users to earn out of their content, it created the global website under the name and style Web Question Answers so that the users can register and make their own exclusive profile similar to facebook profile. After activating their profile the members can post articles, ask questions, write reviews, post jobs, answer questions, take part in forum discussions and WQA pays cash bucks directly in the bank accounts of the members out of the earnings through online advertising at WQA. Beauty of the thing is that WQA operates on “No Profit No Loss” and all the members are equal partners in the prosperity of WQA.

Are you one of those internet users who are wasting their Writing Power and precious Time for no Money? If yes then make profile at WQA immediately and if you still have any doubts then just Post your doubt without worrying about that you do not know ABC of internet, blogging or writing articles.

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