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Category box is not working in Post a Job form

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Hi editors / webmasters,

I am a new member, and am working in jobs section.
In the form there is a side heading by name ‘category’, but there is no box or dropdown button against it.

Simply the words “” are displayed there.

I think this is some kind of bug. Can somebody please look into this.

Further, I would like to know how long is usually takes for the jobs to be reviewed and be published.

Thank you in advance.

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One Response to “Category box is not working in Post a Job form”

  1. Spiderman says:

    @Manjunath Bhatt, Thanks for your feedback. Your concern has been forwarded to the webmaster. In the meantime you can post the job without selecting the category and it will get approved with in 24 hours, if found in order. While approving the section in-charge will place the job in the appropriate category.

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