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We are appointing Editors for WebQuestionAnswers

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WQAINDIA administration is happy to note that more and more members are joining the site to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. While most of the members, who have joined us are intelligent, have passion for writing but a few, less than 5%, are spamming the site to promote their self interests which is strictly not allowed at .To keep the site clean and healthy we have decided to implement the task of improving the content and data provided by the members in all the sections of the website. Initially the task may appear to be very small as the site is still in developing phase but in the near future the task of cleansing the site is going to be a mammoth task and there will be 3 essential tasks to cover in various posts especially Job Opportunities and Product Reviews:

  1. Adding a summary to the post with proper key words so as to find favors with search engines.
  2. Adding Description so that first hand precise information is available to the job seekers or public searching for product reviews.
  3. Adding Basic Data such as verified website, email ID, Physical Address Toll Free and/or contact number of the key person of the company – so that the information about Job Opportunities and Product Reviews can be relied upon by the members and the public. 

To implement the above we are looking for editors amongst the existing members or even fresh joiners. The eligibility criteria are as below:

  • The applicant will have to submit minimum 3-5 articles on any subject as per posting guidelines and the candidate writing articles on technology will be preferred. No copied, duplicate content or article please as our automated systems will out rightly reject the copied, duplicated or copyrighted content reproduced here on our website.
  • No age bar AND No qualifications bar. We will evaluate the members on the basis of unique articles submitted.
  • The members who have violated the WQAINDIA rules and regulations will not be considered. Self Promotion and external links are strictly not allowed and the members violating these rules will find them restricted from posting in the section, where rules are broken. 

We expect the applicants to accept the challenge seriously with complete dedication, honestly and mutual trust. You can expect a good future at as it is the site of the members, site for the members and public, site run by the members and founder owners do not have any inclination to earn from the site and whatever meager income is generated from the site will be distributed amongst members but we are hopeful that with your dedicated support the site will have good income from advertising alone.

If you think you are eligible for any of the tasks mentioned, please post a response in this forum announcement . If you are selected, you will receive an email with instructions of the task assigned to you.

Smiley Sharma,
Managing Editor-cum-Site Coordinator,

Ashok Goyal,
Consult me for CIBIL Problems


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One Response to “We are appointing Editors for WebQuestionAnswers”

  1. Hi, I am interested in this proposal. But first, I would like to know one or two more info.
    1. How much time that we have to invest daily / weekly?
    2. What is the last date for submitting 3-5 articles as required? Or can my articles at other sites be considered for this purpose?
    3. Is there any remuneration for editors?

    Please clarify.

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