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How to Find the Right Engineering College!

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How to Find the Right Engineering College!
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One of the most well-known careers in India is engineering. Year after year the engineering colleges in India witness thousands and lakhs of aspirants applying for graduate and post-graduate courses in Engineering. In a country where each and every State has plenty of Engineering Colleges, it becomes confusing and baffling for students and parents alike as to which Engineering college is the best for them and their children. Though it is a complicated task with the help of following pointers, here’s how you can find an engineering college in India:-

1. The Right Branch

The basic step in finding a good engineering college is to know which field of engineering college you want to pursue. There is Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Systems engineering to choose from. To opt for a right branch is important as it will also help you narrowing our search for a good engineering college as not all colleges have graduate and post-graduate courses in your desired branch. If you are not sure as to which branch is for you, give ample time to research and read up on all the branches. There are so many interesting career choices in each and every branch of engineering. Keep your career goals in mind, explore more on the branches and choose the right branch.

2. Narrow the search to ‘PFF’

Placement, facilities, faculty. During four years of your graduation these are the three things which will keep you going and so focus on these to choose a good college. Placements are important because all the book knowledge will lead you nowhere unless you have on-ground industry experience in hand too. Check which companies visit the college to provide internships; check the placement record of college: branch and company both. The facilities like hostel accommodation, library, abundant classrooms and labs, internet facilities, a student counselling cell; these are facilities which provide a huge support to your education. Lastly, read up on the faculty of the college. You can search through the college websites and read about faculties too.

3. Detective Mode on

Investigate and go into full detective mode when you are choosing a college. You should consult your seniors, talk to the students who are currently studying in your desired colleges as they will be able to provide correct information to you. Try and visit the college for yourself apart from just reading about the college through the college website. The other factors, in a college, you can lookout for are: Location, Fees, Curriculum of the courses etc. If nothing works out hire a professional counsellor to help you choose an engineering college. Socialize, the people around you are willing to help, just ask them. To sum up, if you know your engineering branch everything else will fall into place. Venture out the college, keeping in mind the above points and you are sure to find a good engineering college in your hand, Apply for colleges now !

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