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How to get verified and approved as Google Adsense Publisher

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How to get verified and approved as Google Adsense Publisher
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For any blogger, it is matter of pride to get approved by Google Adsense as a Publisher. Google, the great, believes in quality and even slightest deviation from adsense policies and terms and conditions, can make an individual ineligible for life to get approved as an adsense publisher. Though Google adsense allows to resubmit the application yet one has to go through a tedious process of How I got approved as Google Adsense Publisher. After getting approved the blogger wants to increase the adsense earnings after he or she knows the methods as to How to increase traffic through SEO Tricks, Back Links and Social networking. But it is not as simple as it appears to be. Before adopting the SEO tricks, the blogger must make himself or herself familiar with Jugglery of Key Words.
Here starts the real journey for increasing the adsense earnings so that you start receiving real checks from Google Adsense. I have practiced and defined my own Google Adsense optimization Tips, written on the basis of real experiences. Will you believe all this unless and until you receive physical checks for Adsense earnings from Google. Wait, you are to pass through a litmus test of getting verified your physical and geographical location and address through Google Adsense Pin Mailer service. Some times the most of the bloggers leave their efforts here for one or the reason for not getting verified by Google Adsense support team. Your question, as to What to do next to get your Adsense PIN to remove hold on Adsense Payments, is discussed here in details so as to receive the adsense payments through real checks direct from Google.

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