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Why you should not include your expected salary in your resume

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Many of us do include our current CTC and Expected CTC in our resumes to make the employer understand our salary requirements. However, it is not a good practice to include Expected CTC as Open or Negotiable instead of putting up a particular figure for the following reasons

– The Employer might have decided to pay you more based on your skill-set and performance in the interview but can offer a lesser salary based on what you have put in your CV.

– Several companies have salary ranges for particular role and grade.  Even if your salary was much lesser than the starting salary of that grade and you get selected for the role, they would pay you the minimum amount for that grade. For example, if you get selected for a software engineer role in a company like Yahoo/ Amazon and if your current CTC is only 4,00,000, they still pay you 8,00,000+ as that might be the minimum amount they are offering for the role

– The reverse can be possible too. If the company cannot afford the salary you have put up in the CV, they may not even consider your profile. But, there are chances that they may decide to offer you a higher grade than what you expected and  better salary after interviewing  you

–  Putting up expected CTC makes the employer feel that you are bound to certain limits, cannot get out of the box and cannot jump start to a great position easily especially if the expected CTC is close to your current CTC

– It is highly possible that your profile may get public as public profiles have become common in many job portals. Disclosing your salary publicly isn’t a wise thing

– Companies can trick you offering you the CTC that you asked for. A CTC is different from salary.  A CTC includes salary + bonus + stocks + Others. You may end up getting lesser salary after one year of working for that company if the company has included bonus only for the first year in CTC

–  Freshers should not especially disclose expected CTC.  If you include a low figure, bigger companies might assume that you are not skilled enough and if the amount is too big, you might not be considered by many companies

Best Practice:

Put up your expected CTC as Open. After you crack an interview, make a research on the salaries offered by the company on various salary applications and find out the minimum salary offered for the role. Then come up with a figure based on your current CTC and the standards of the company

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