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How to use HTML tags in articles?

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How to use HTML tags in articles?
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We do not allow plenty of HTML formatting in all posts and external linking is strictly prohibited except under special circumstances where site webmasters or editors may permit not more than two external links per article exceeding 500 words. However in articles section alone the following very basic HTML tags are allowed to be used to make the presentation neat and clean.

<H2> Tag

This is called “Heading 2”. This tag should be used for all paragraph headings. (For each paragraph, there should be a heading).

Example: (HTML Tags are to be applied while editing in HTML in Text instead of Visual.)

<H2>Join Web Question Answers</H2> and the tagged words will look like as under:

Join Web Question Answers

<B> Tag

This is called Bold Tag to bolden the words or quotes. Important keywords can be boldened by using the Bold Tag. For example the keyword “AdSense Revenue Sharing” when edited in text or HTML mode like <B>AdSense Revenue Sharing</B> will look like visually as under:

AdSense Revenue Sharing

and if we look on sentences as under:

There are many <B>Adsense Revenue Sharing</B> like WebQuestionAnswers, IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages but I love <B>WebQuestionAnswers</B> the most.

The above sentence will appear as under:

There are many Adsense Revenue Sharing like WebQuestionAnswers, IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages but I love WebQuestionAnswers the most.

<Strong> Tag

Both <strong> and <B> HTML tags have the same visual effect. But in different browsers and devices the visual effects may vary slightly. Top SEO experts recommend using <strong> instead of <B> tag.

We will continue with the usage of following and many more HTML tags in our next post:

<I> This tag is used to show the words or sentences in italics. Any word or sentence within <I>will appear in Italics</I> to appear as will appear in Italics.

<H3> Heading 3 HTML tag is to have subheading under <H2>

<A HREF=”> This HTML tag is to insert clickable hyperlink in the posts. However external clickable links are not allowed at WebQuestionAnswers.

<UL> This HTML Tag is used to underline any word or phrase in the sentence for example if we apply this tag to underline the phrase <UL>Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means</UL> then it will create the visual effect as Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means.

Check our next post to have a look on utility of <LI>, <OL> and Hyperlinking with “No Follow” attribute and Target=”_Blank” attributes.

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